We set out to improve the everyday lives of amputees, and stumbled

upon the most advanced evolution in skin therapy.

Our Beginning

After spending countless hours and dollars looking for a product that could withstand the unique conditions of the limb-to-socket interface, Mark knew he needed a skin barrier developed specifically for his needs. Turning to a highly regarded bio-chemist and the industry's leading prosthetic engineer, they formed ADAPT Laboratories and developed a truly effective, therapeutic skin protectant.

Our Breakthrough

AdaptskinTM was specially formulated to address the needs of amputees. It has been tested and widely used by Amputees for over 10 years with the majority of sales coming via word of mouth. During this period we have received nothing but positive feedback from distributors, practitioners, and most importantly from amputees themselves. As the word has continued to spread, more and more people have found uses for Adaptskin.

Our Future

As we move forward, we continue to focus on being a company "by amputees, for amputees." Everyday more people, even outside of the amputee community, are finding out about the benefits of Adaptskin. Our goal is to re-invest in the Adaptee* community. Currently we are focusing on developing relationships with charity partners who share in our vision of improving the everyday lives of the mobility impaired.


  • Mark O'Brien
    Product Guru

    Mark is the creative force behind our innovations. His is also the industries go-to amputee for product testing. If it survives a day in the life of Mark, it's good to go!

  • Guy Houser
    Team Leader

    On occasion Guy answers the phone, but he's primarily in charge of innovation, making product, and operating our new tube sealing machine.

  • Andy Houser
    Customer Champion

    Andy answers the phone when you call and loves chatting with you! Please leave her a message if she's out in the lab making product or shipping orders as she'll gladly return your call or shoot her a quick e-mail.


( ad-ap-'tE) Function; (noun) - A survivor who does not allow their identity to be defined by the event of limb loss.


The most advanced evolution in skin therapy.


  • Natural Skin Hydration

    For many years, transepidermal water has been known to be crucial for skin health and wound healing. Adaptskin reduces transepidermal water loss, allowing your skin to naturally hydrate itself all the way down to the deeper layers of your skin.
  • Reduced Friction

    Friction removes skin cells prematurely, severely compromising your skins health. Typical moisturizers have little effect on the mechanical properties of the skin. The "skin slip" or lubricity provided by Adaptskin aids in reducing friction on your skin. This prevents further irritation, while giving your skin a chance to heal faster.
  • Hypoallergenic

    Adaptskin uses ultra-purified hypoallergenic medical grade lanolin. Unpurified lanolin found in other moisturizers has been documented to cause allergic reactions. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the medical grade lanolin used in Adaptskin causes no allergic or irritant reactions, even in patients with severely compromised skin.
  • Protective Barrier

    Skin acts as a waste disposal system, riding the body of many toxic substances. This waste then blends with your perspiration, which is full of bacteria. Adaptskin's protective covering allows your body to sweat and release these toxins, while preventing them from seeping back into the damaged skin.


Adaptskin is a hybrid of the best clinically proven ingredients. It blends clinically proven moisturizers and skin healing agents in a unique, non-water based formula that melts on contact, penetrates skin cell layers, and forms a waterproof barrier increasing hydration. In addition, Adaptskin reduces friction, and reinforces the skin’s own natural defenses providing superior long term protection addressing demanding needs. Adaptskin is safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic, and contains no preservatives.

AdaptskinTM is the most advanced evolution in skin therapy.

It is safe for all skin types, utilizing clinically proven moisturizers and skin healing agents in a unique formula that melts on contact. By penetrating skin cell layers AdaptskinTM provides superior long-term protection.


Keep Vertical!

Formulated for amputees. Everything else is a walk in the park.


As all amputees know, an expensive prosthesis is useless if your residual limb is not healthy. We are faced with myriad of skin and tissue maladies imposed by the conditions of a full contact load bearing socket. Limb vitality is critical to maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle. Understanding and addressing the condition of your residual limb will add hours of mobility to your day and extend your freedom later in life. Keep Vertical!


We have built our companyy on word of mouth. As the word has gotten out, we have received countless emails from people outside of the amputee community about all the uses they have found for Adaptskin. It has worked on Diaper rash, blisters, sunburns, chaffing... the list goes on. We all have some sort of challenge in life to adapt to. Whatever your challenge is, we are here rooting for you... Keep Vertical!

AdaptskinTM is free to try!

It is safe for all skin types, utilizing clinically proven moisturizers and skin healing agents in a unique formula that melts on contact. By penetrating skin cell layers AdaptskinTM provides superior long-term protection. Free samples are available in our store, all you have to do is pay for the shipping.


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